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Buy two starting NBA silicone bracelet wrist bracelet Adidas Sports Basketball Nike wristband nike wrist strap

USD $2.4
Wholesale Price:
Quantity Price
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Color Classification
nike black nike yellow nike red nike white nike blue nike Rose nike Orange nike green nike sky blue nike luminous purple nike blue luminous nike luminous light yellow nike luminous light green nike shallow pieces of red nike purple
- +
Approx Weight:
500 g
Shipping Cost:
US $16.56 to U.S.Avia China Post
Delivery Time:
15-30 working days Days
Processing Time:
Ships out within 2-4 days
Total Price:
1 x $2.4 + $16.56 = $18.96
1.Minimum order quantity 10 pieces. The freight displayed here is not accurate, we will charge you the correct freight after weighing your items.
2. We only accept West Union and T/T payment, no other payments are acceptable.
3.If you want to buy, please contact me in
E-mail: sales@99go.com
WhatsApp/Wechat/Tel: +8613516955998
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