NMB FBA08J14L DC14V 0.10A Ultra Quiet Waterproof Case Refrigerator fan


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Brand: NMB-MAT

Model: FBA08J14L

Size: 80X80X15mm

Speed: 2100RPM

Speed measurement: not supported

Current: 0.10A

Voltage: 7-14V

Air volume: 23CFM

Noise: about 19DBA

Voltage: 12V

Interface: Factory 2 or 3 pin cable 10 cm long

Features: overwhelmingly long working life, 100,000 hours MTBF; uncompromising high-precision and high-quality component structure

Features: “NMB-MAT Silent IC Series” specially designed silent IC loading, suitable for the computer of silent enthusiasts, reducing motor noise

Attachments: no fasteners of any kind

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