Dekema hydraulic variable vane oil pump VP2-30-70 VP1-12/15/20-70 VP2-30/40-70 55

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Low pressure variable vane pump VP2-40-70,VP2-30-70,VP1-20-70,VP1-15-70,VP1-12-70,VP2-40-55,VP2-30-55,VP1-20-55,VP1-15-55,VP1-12-55,VP2-40-35,VP2-30-35,VP1-20-35,VP1-15-35,VP1-12-35

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1. Special pressure-limiting variable mechanism, which can realize low pressure and large flow, high pressure and small flow, make the most reasonable use of power, effectively reduce the power consumption of the motor and save energy.
2. Built-in pressure regulating valve, the system does not need to install a pressure regulating valve.
3, can be connected to a direct motor, easy installation.

Taiwan Dirk Dekema variable vane pump characteristics:
       1. Pressure balanced structure, small shaft load and long life.
       2. Simple structure, easy maintenance, performance and stability.
       3. The pressure of the special structure is bad, low-flammability hydraulic oil can be used, and the noise is low.
       4. Easy replacement of internal parts.
    5, easy to assemble, can be directly connected to the motor to form a motor pump combination.

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Weight11 kg

VP2-40-70, VP2-30-70, VP1-20-70, VP1-15-70, VP1-12-70, VP2-40-55, VP2-30-55, VP1-20-55, VP1-15-55, VP1-12-55, VP2-40-35, VP2-30-35, VP1-20-35, VP1-15-35, VP1-12-35

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