Ebmpapst 4214/12 24V 4.3W 120*120*38MM inverter cooling fan


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Model: 4214
Size: 120*120*38MM
Bearings: high-precision double ball bearing
Voltage: 24V
Operation voltage: 12-28V
Current: 0.18A
Power: 4.3W
Noise: 42dB
Air volume: 97CFM 165m3/h
Cord length: 30cm
Wiring: 2 3P interface
Fan frame: injection molding, PBT+30% fiberglass VO grade flame retardant
Blades: injection molding, glass fiber +VO PBT+30% grade flame retardant.
Fan rotation direction: from the fan blade direction to counterclockwise
Operating temperature:-10 c to + 70 degrees c
Storage temperature:-40 degrees c to + 70 degrees Celsius
Power range: rated power supply plus or minus 15%
Insulation resistance: more than 500 mohm
Withstanding voltage: foreign exchange leakage current 0.5mA 500V/1 minutes
Operating life time: when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees to 80,000 hours
Scope of application: industrial equipment such as converter

Usage note: dedicated server cooling. high temperature equipment. computers. CPU. chassis cooling. electrical and electronic equipment cooling. welded platform thermal … Ventilation equipment … Air conditioning equipment.

Original Germany PAPST fans. one of West Germany’s famous fan. audio static principle of wind power, the world famous … this picture is a real picture. Fan PAPST logo on the upper left corner for the original fans.

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Weight1 kg
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Computer Case


2 Lines

Model Number

MULTIFAN 4214/12



Heatsink Material

Copper & Aluminum

Compatible CPU





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