H3340ZN 340A Industrial Zero crossing trigger Solid State Relay


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feature Model: H3340ZN Nominal current:340A Load voltage range:40-440V Control voltage range:4-24V LED light indicator:yes Trigger mode: Zero crossing trigger Size ( mm3):92*38*48 Installation method: Screw Mounting pitch:80mm

Model: H3340ZN, H3340PN

Nominal current: 340A

Load voltage range: 40-480V

Trigger mode: (PN) 4-12V random trigger, (ZN) 4-24V zero-crossing trigger

LED light indication: Yes

Size: 92*38*48

Product application range
Electric furnace heating constant temperature system
CNC machine
Remote control system
Industrial automation device
Lighting stage lighting control system
Instrumentation, medical equipment
Automatic fire protection, security system
AC and DC switch and temperature control


Rated working voltage AC380V, control voltage 4-24VDC

Opto-isolated input stage, TTL level compatible input, DC trigger mode, low trigger current;

The input end, the output end, the isolation voltage is greater than 2000V, and the safety insulation voltage between the input and output and the bottom case is greater than 2000V;

No contact, no mechanical moving parts, no sparks, no action noise, vibration resistance, long life;

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