Suntronix SANJUN SJ2206HA2 220V 0.28A metal Axial cooling fan


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Brand: Suntronix (Taiwan Big Three)

Specifications: 202 * 202 * 60 Bearing structure: B: BALL (ball bearing)

Voltage: 220 ~ 240V AC

Frequency: 50/60 (Hz) Current: 0.28A

Speed: 2800/3200 (R / min) Air volume: 420 / 480CFM

Noise: 45 (dB-A)

Wiring method: outgoing

Frame: Black-painted aluminum alloy die-casting anti-corrosion and moisture-proof structure;

Wind blade: one-shot injection molding, PBT + 30% glass line + VO flame retardant;

Bearing: Imported high-precision, long-life and low-noise imported ball bearings;

Insulation: The enameled wire adopts Class B insulation and has a temperature resistance of 120 degrees Celsius;

Insulation resistance: above 500 megohms;

Withstand voltage: leakage current 0.5mA. Withstand voltage 1500V / 1 minute;

Operating voltage: 220V (voltage range: 185V ~ 245V)

Ambient temperature for use (℃): -20 ℃ ~ 75 ℃ B: (ball bearing)

Life: working environment temperature 40 ℃ B: (ball bearing) 60000 (hours)

Long life, can work for 24 hours

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