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Installation of axial flow roof fan

Axial flow roof fan with large air volume, low noise, high efficiency, light weight, smooth operation, beautiful appearance, simple installation and other characteristics, mainly used for power plants, chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, food processing, metallurgy, warehouse and other industrial enterprises and high-level civil buildings.
Axial flow roof fan shall be installed with strict installation instructions:
1. The installation foundation needs high roofing, the outside requirements neat, in order to prevent water leakage, and need to be embedded in the ground stalk.
2. Put a 5mm rubber spanner between the fan base and the foundation to reduce vibration. The screw stalk of the foundation shall be equipped with a spring washer.
3. Before adjusting the circulation, the parts of the fan should be inspected, and the impeller should be turned without sticking or rubbing.
4. Check whether the impeller rotates the target correctly during the trial circulation (if you look down, the impeller should rotate counterclockwise).
5. There should be no abnormality during the trial operation or in the normal application. The voltage, current, vibration and noise should all be in the normal field.
6. When the damper is electric, open the damper first when the fan starts; When shut down, first shut down the fan and then shut down the damper.