ebmpapst 4414M-546 Rittal SK3238.124 DC24V filter fan


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Fans Brand: ebmpapst 4414M-546
Complete fan unit for tool-free mounting on surfaces. Air throughput from 20 – 900 m³/h, standard protection category IP 54.Fan-and-filter units with diagonal fan technology have superior pressure stability and ensure a more constant air throughput. The diagonal direction of outflow ensures more even heat dissipation from the enclosure.
Fan:Axial, DC motor
Air throughput, unimpeded airflow (with chopped-fibre filter):At 50 Hz: 52 m³/h
Air throughput, unimpeded airflow (with pleated filter):At 50 Hz: 63 m³/h
Air throughput with outlet filter including chopped-fibre filter mat (quantity x order number):1 x 3238200: 36 m³/h 2 x 3238200: 46 m³/h
Rated operating voltage:24 V (DC)
Power consumption Pel:With DC: 5.7 W
Rated current max.:With DC: 0.24 A
Dimensions:Width: 148.5 mm
Height: 148.5 mm
Mounting cut-out:Cut-out width: 124 mm Cut-out height: 124 mm
Installation depth:58.5 mm
IP protection category to IEC 60 529:
IP54 with chopped-fibre filter/pleated filter
IP56 with chopped-fibre filter/pleated filter and hose-proof hood
Protection category NEMA:
Type 12 with chopped-fibre filter/pleated filter
Type 3, 3R, 4, 4X with chopped-fibre filter/pleated filter and hose-proof hood
Pre-fuse:Miniature circuit-breaker/fuse: 2 A
To increase the air throughput, a pleated filter may optionally be used (see characteristic curve). Suitable for use with fan-and-filter units, roof-mounted fans and outlet filters.
With the fan-and-filter unit 3237.XXX, electrical connection is made via two single wires (length approx. 300 mm) on the unit, for all other fan-and-filter units, a screwless spring terminal is used
Operating temperature range:-15 °C…55 °C
Storage temperature range:-30 °C…70 °C
Noise level:With DC: 46 dB(A)
Packs of:1 pc(s).
Weight/pack:0.54 kg
Product description“SK Fan-and-filter unit TopTherm, 52 m³/h, 24 V (DC), WHD: 148.5 x 148.5 x 16 mm

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