NMB-MAT 4710KL-04W-B56 12V 0.72A cooling fan


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Brand: NMB-MAT

Model Number: 4710KL-04W-B56 



Current:  0.72A

Brand: NMB-MAT

Model: 4710KL-04W-B56

P/N: 409629-001

Size: 120X120X25mm

Bearing type: double ball bearing

Rated voltage: 12V

Current: 0.72A

Volume: 115CFM

Speed: intelligent multi speed, minimum 600 rpm, speed 3000

Speed control: support

Wire interface: line four + standard four pin PWM

Wire length: 15cm

The fan frame: PBT + 30% glass fiber reinforced plastic + class VO flame retardant

Fan: PBT + 30% glass fiber reinforced plastic + class VO flame retardant

Features: the world’s most sophisticated top double ball bearing; the first flow of materials and workmanship; used PWM intelligent temperature control technology

According to the motherboard detection CPU temperature and automatically adjust the speed, the temperature under normal circumstances, is a quiet state of low speed

When CPU because when the load suddenly increases and the temperature rise in the twinkling of an eye, also improve the fan speed to achieve bulk temperature,

When the cooling after the timely return to normal conditions of low speed and quiet state

 Size:    120x120x25mm

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