Y.S.TECH BD127620EB DC12V 0.65A 3-wire Car seat fan

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Brand: Taiwan Y.S.TECH

Model: BD127620EB

Size: 70 * 60 * 20mm

Voltage: 12V

Current: 0.65A

Three-wire with terminal

Bearing: double ball

New original packaging

VW original seat ventilation fan PQ platform seat original ventilation fan (original ventilation fan for Passat Speed CC and other cars) Brand new original
With ventilation switch can be used for MQB ventilation seat decoding ventilation
Can be used for decoding of MLB platform ventilated seats
Suitable for all seat modification ventilation functions
One seat, two fans, one harness, one switch
All of the above are brand new original parts! !! The wiring harness is customized according to the original standard. All plugs are Volkswagen original plugs. The wires are imported from Germany.
Some businesses use a fan that disassembles the car. The quality of the wiring harness connected by itself is large. Incomparable!

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1 review for Y.S.TECH BD127620EB DC12V 0.65A 3-wire Car seat fan

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    Looking around, only 99GO is in stock, which proves the power of 99GO. I purchased 1,000 pieces and received them quickly! As a car repair company, we will continue to cooperate

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